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Smashing Slots PDS

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Smashing Slots PDS - The original Smashing Slots is now available for Android. Click the little, green dude on the loading screen to get yours today. (It's free!!) Celebrate Pico Day 2012 with these Newgrounds themed slots. Extra points for trashing machines or destroying the world! - Press M to mute/unmute sounds. - Everything else is controlled with the mouse. Click anywhere to skip smashing scenes/ move on. - Hold buttons appear randomly. Use them to prevent a reel from spinning. - You only need one Pico to claim a reward. For the other characters all three reels must match - doing so will make them appear and help you celebrate by smashing the slot machine. - Match my three freaks to win the jackpot. - Top Gambler's Score = Total amount of cash won. - Smashing Score = Gambler's Score x total spins x (machines smashed + 1) x (earths destroyed + 1) - Feel free to quit at any time- your scores are submitted after each spin. - Links in credits to see the featured heroes in action and visit their original creators.