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FLASH Solitaire

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FLASH Solitaire - First, I just want to thank the audio artists in this flash. I am terrible with music, and didn't want to spend a few more months just learning how to make music. I'll get around to it though, for now, i just want to work with flash. I have been working on FLASH Solitaire for months now. It was originally intended for my girlfriend, but after I finished it, i wanted to add a lot more things, and thus FLASH Solitaire was created. This is just like the version on microsoft, however, with a few additions... -Profiles -Awards -Statistics -Fastest Times -Purchasable Decks -etc. Just remember that when you exit, it will remember you played, so you will get an automatic loss. It will also remove another $52 if you play. Have fun and enjoy! If you would like to tell me what you think, have any suggestions, or find any bugs