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ZS Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat

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ZS Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat - ---------DESCRIPTION------------------ A new case! Will Margh and Ghvnn be able to stop the Nine Deaths Cat, the greatest thief in all of Zombie Society, from succesfully stealing his new target? The thief is so sure they won't, that he event sent a message with some clue in it! It's up to you to prove him wrong ---------AUTHOR'S RANTS------------ Here's the new entry of the series! I'll thake this chance to thank all of you for the love you've shown to my work. I've even found out that the last episode was voted as the best game of the month of July on NG, and that's... simply great, I can't find other words. However, I've read some reviews that lamented the game being too easy, so I tried to correct that. This time it'll be a bit harder to find the right deduction. Hope you'll have fun!