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ZS Dead Detective - A curse in disguise

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ZS Dead Detective - A curse in disguise - Story The story is about a magician who lost both of her memories and relatives and she try to find out the turth, her saviour is the black robed, he is an undead creature, he will drag her to find the untold stories, and you will play as lahel, the player-character Description Sacred Spell is a rough-like rpg, with isometric gameplay, at certain map it can be played in 2d side-scroller , it also give a permanent death to the player-character, don't forget to save your game ! Control A, W, S, D, Space( Jump ), Mouse Dev's Note This is my first project as a html5 game dev, thanks for playing this game, I hope you enjoy it :) Please update your browser to imporve your fps rate or my recommedation you can try chrome browser instead :)