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Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3

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Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3 - -------------------WARNING----------------------- This is NOT really a GAME. This is an INTERACTIVE STORY in the form of a (slightly) animated comic. --------------------------------------------------------- Zombie Society - Death after Death #2/3 story and programming by Francesco Dell'Anna Muja art and colors by Giorga Longo music by Antonio Mariano ----------------SUMMARY------------------------- Margh, zombie detective, and his partner Ghvnn are on the case once again! Read along, find clues, ask the right questions and help Margh make choices that will alter the plot, in the second issue of this interactive comics series --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------AUTHOR'S NOTES--------------- Hello guys! As promised, this second issue will remember the choices you made in the previous one. This is true if you're using local saves, too, as long as you've played both games on the same domain (Newgrounds) As called for by so many users, I've also added a SKIP button that will always let you jump to the next "choice". Third and final issue will be online at the end of March. If you want to know as soon as the new episode will be online, or simply show us your support