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Zombie Society - Death after Death #1/3

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Zombie Society - Death after Death #1/3 - ----------------WARNING----------------------- This is NOT really a GAME. This is an INTERACTIVE STORY in the form of a (sliglhtly) animated comic. --------------------------------------------------------- Zombie Society - Death after Death #1/3 story and programming by Francesco Dell'Anna Muja art and colors by Giorga Longo music by Antonio Mariano ----------------SUMMARY------------------------- Zombies have conquered the planet, and living humans are now reared on farms. But a mystery has erupted in the seemingly peaceful Zombie Society, and it's up to Detective Margh and his sidekick Ghvnn to figure it out. Read along, find clues, ask the right questions and help Margh make choices that will alter the plot in this and future episodes, and perhaps find out that this mystery goes deeper than you thought. --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------AUTHOR'S NOTES--------------- Hello, guys. Some of you might have already read an earlier version of this comic that I published here on NG the last year or so. Then the project came to a halt, because some of you users gave me a lot of very clever suggestions and ideas to make it better.. so clever that I decided to implement them, and that they justified a "reboot" of the series. So here is the first issue (out of three) of "Zombie Society - Death after death". I hope you'll have fun. Second issue will be online next month (and it will remember your choices... so choose well!)