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Zombie Society - Dead Detective

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Zombie Society - Dead Detective - ===WARNING!=== You don't have to be dead to play this game! ===GAME DESCRIPTION=== Zombies have conquered the world, and they have established their own society. It's a lot of fun, but even zombie society has its criminals! Meet Margh, undead private detective, and help him solve the case at hand in this funny point and click adventure! Interrogate the suspects, find clues and combine them as if they were items in your inventory, form your own deductions and find the culprit... or accuse the wrong zombie! ===FEATURES=== - At least 30 minutes of gameplay, even with a walkthrough - Voice acting! (sort of) - Instantaneous translation from 'zombiesh' to english (be warned: zombies tend to say "brain" a lot!) - Hint system that will give you a hand when you're stuck (simply talk to Ghvnn) - A deduction system that will make you use your brain! - different endings depending on your choices - pixelated original art - a complete walkthrough (you'll find it in the options panel) ===AUTHOR'S NOTES=== Some of you guys might have played "Death after death", which is an interactive comic in three parts that you can find here on Newgrounds. This game acts like a prequel to that, so you don't have to know that story to enjoy this adventure. I tested the game several times - like I've never done before - but if you find a bug I've missed please let me know and I'll fix it right away. If this goes well, it could be the beginning of a new series of short, self-contained cases like this one. So let me know what you think with your reviews - suggestions to make the game better are always appreciated! That's all, hope you'll have fun!