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VALOR: The Lord and Savior

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VALOR: The Lord and Savior - You are VALOR, you were banished to the "Valley of North Return" for eternity. It is a place where the living wish for death and the dead wishes for life. You will wish for neither, you want your freedom back. You want your life back and in order to get it you will have to reach out and take it from the ruler of this world's hand. - Travel in multiple directions and discover multiple enemies, traps, weapons, etc. Losing is a part of winning, you can't rejoice winning if you've never lost. This game is not about how difficult it is, it is not about how many times the game bashes you instead, its about choices. How do you want to approach this?...Do you remember how you got that weapon?....Do you know where not to go?....Do you really even need to fight this enemy with your bare feet? Everything is actually in your hands....well, except your soul (LAUGHES) XD Have fun and enjoy. As always: Subscribe to the Youtube channel, Join the Facebook and the Twitter. The more fans we have the more stuff we'll provide and the more we can start doing. Help us grow and we'll make sure you never get bored. A Tree can't grow without the necessities. Thanks. :) P.S. - Be warned, this game varies in the Difficulty. The worst you do the Harder the game gets, do not expect just to speed run through this because I know I lot of you will. - Opponents can only be hit at certain points during their animations. Just like you can only be hit when you stop moving. Do not expect to just slap your opponent around like a rag doll. * ATTENTION * - This will be the first of the last two games to be uploaded. Maybe in the future I and my team will return to uploading games but, we're moving onward to animations for the time being and before you start to think about it yes the animations will be on the Mature side. (Evil Laugh)