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The Worlds Hardest Shooter

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The Worlds Hardest Shooter - Hey guys, it's Froggie here. My Last game has gotten three stars, so hopefully this gets 3 in a half or 4? *IF THE URL'S DON'T WORK FOR YOU, CHANGE BROWSERS, UPDATE YOUR FLASH PLAYER OR JUST CHECK MY PROFILE Let me answer some questions most of you guys will have: "This game has the same character goal and similar aesthetics to your last game. Is it a sequel?" While I did borrow alot of aesthetics and borrowed some coding from the last game, no it's not a sequel. The game play is too different. "What is the main character name?" Idk. I guess for coding reasons I have called it Char, so if you need one there you go. Lol, the goal's name is Goalie xD "Will there be a new game with similar aesthetics, but different gameplay?" Probably. "What skills does this game require and how is it as hard as your last games?" Hardest Game Ever .v1 focuses on percussion. Super Mazer focused more on reflexes. The last game was a combination of both. This game focuses on timing and ONLY on timing. "Can this game be played on phones" I am pretty sure it can be, but I would have no idea how to put it on my Iphone. Maybe one day "I am stuck on a level what can I do" It's one of my easier games, so I don't know what to say. It's just timing. Though I will admit Level 9 is insane. I suggest studying every pattern individually then studying the speed of your Character that level. There are very few moments to pass. "Why do some things change color" Asthetics "Any production fun facts?" At the last minute I switched Level 3 and Level 10 since I taught Level 10 was insane. "How long did production take?" Idk, three days. Maybe 5 if you count the things I stole from my last game xD. Sorry.