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The Only Night at Redster's

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The Only Night at Redster's - Character Edits by DanTDMFan518NG Fangame by DanTDMFan518NG FNAF by Scott Cawthon Music by Kevin MacLeod *Fixed glitch where the power for the door and vent didn't recharge Controls ----------------------------------------- S = Start the game C = Open up the "camera" D = Close the "camera" R = On the "camera", show how close Redster is to the player B = On the "camera", show how close Bonzi Bunny is to the player 2 = On the "camera", show how close Ross [Ross owned by magolorandmarx on DeviantArt] is to the player R = On the "camera", show how close Jason [Jason owned by Sonicmariogaming1105 on DeviantArt] is to the player Z = Toggle the door for a short amount of time 9 = Toggle the vent for a short amount of time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mechanics Each animatronic will try to get near the door or vent. If you hear a laugh, weird text to speech, and other weird sounds that are echoing, close either the door or vent. You can only toggle the door or vent, not both. After that, you have to wait for the door power to recharge. You also have to survive from 12 PM to 7 AM. There is also only 1 night, as shown in the title. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animatronics Redster: A derpy bear with the last name "Redbear". If he is very close, he'll ask in a text to speech voice, "I advise you to NOT follow my advice". Then, close the door within 5 seconds, or he'll scream in your face. Bonzi Bunny: Pretty much the same as Redster, expect he goes through the vent. He also dosen't talk when he's near. Jason: Jason goes through the vent, and if he's close, you'll hear laughing. Close the vent within 5 seconds or Jason will jump at you. Ross: You'll hear running if Ross is nearby. Close the door within 2 seconds or Ross will scream in your face and slap you in the face. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is being tested by some of the friends of the creator currently.