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The Magma Maze

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The Magma Maze - This game features 20 levels, and a storyline as well! The story appears underneath certain level screens and can be skipped easily, so if you want to see the story, don't skip it! If you pass all 20 levels, you'll get to see the ending story segment, and unlock new secret features to the game! You can also right click for quality controls if the game lags. GAMEPLAY(There's a tutorial in-game and in the storyline too) WASD/Arrow keys = move Drilbur HOLD a key = accelerate Drilbur X = slowdown Drilbur's speed SPACE = Teleport Drilbur to the first square (useful for moving out of a disadvantageous path, etc.) GOAL: Get to an EXIT sign(can be distinguished by the purple signs at the bottom of the screen) by naviating the level's randomly generated maze. You earn points per level based on the time it took, and how much you brightened the level. Walking around brightens the area around you. STORY: You are a Drilbur, and you don't know why you're in a mysterious maze filled with magma. The only thing that you have is a Mining Hat that lights up your path, and a mysterious voice that leads you through it. OBSTACLES: Don't hit the Magma blocks, or you die. BlackOut = the light disappears (besides the light around your character). A 'dong' sound will play to signal this. TimeLimit = you die if you don't make it past the level in the time limit Magma Flow = Magma follows every step, you can't turn around or teleport! Slowdown(X) is useful here!