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The Legend of Hulk Hogan

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The Legend of Hulk Hogan - USE THE ARROW KEYS TO MOVE AND JUMP PRESS THE A KEY TO ATTACK PRESS THE S KEY TO USE YOUR MANIA Select between three different power ups per level. HEART Adds to your maximum Health SUNGLASSES Adds to your maximum Mania GLOVE Adds to your maximum Strength This game was created in one month (February 2016) for the AGDG community's Zelda Jam. All assets, including art and music was created by myself. ** I am aware their are some bugs in this game. This is my first game and I just didn't have the time to properly catch them all. I have learned a lot about game design from this experience and will continue to grow and use my knowledge to create even better games in the future. *** As of 3/27/18 The game has been updated to fix some issues with the Shadow Hogan fight, and the Macho Man Randy Savage fight. I've also included a link to my Itch.io page and fixed a sound bug. It is now playable on Newgrounds!