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The Bunny Story2

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The Bunny Story2 - he animals in the mountains are attacking the rabbits and it's up to you to stop them! Use several types of weapons to fill different roles as you fight enemies. Level up and upgrade one of several stats as you progress, solving tons of puzzles as you explore the world. Find out who's responsible for the aggressive animals and bring a stop to it's evil plains! There are a lot of items in this game, here's a quick list of them to help you out. Coins: Brownish circles laying around, the games currency. Carrots: The green and orange things you see which give you Health points Rubber Carrot: all orange carrots that give you ammo for your carrot gun. Apples: The red things you see that increase the pink bar you see at the top of the screen. It allows you to do a special attack when you get enough. First aid kits: The White boxes you see, give you health when your HP is low. Ammo Crates: The Gray boxes you see, give you carrot gun ammo when you current amount reaches zero. Then there are other types of boxes: they give items according to what you see on the box. Coin, Ammo, Health, or EXP. Cloaking device: A gray and green item that make you transparent and you take no damage from attacks, also makes you undetectable to some enemies. 1up: the item that resembles the main character, decreases the penalty you take when you die. Golden Carrot: A yellowish carrot that fills you special meter, Hp, and ammo. Sliver Coin: A coin that give you thirty coins. Key: A grayish red key that allow you to free locks. Store Bag: A brownish bag, doubles the maximum amount of coins you could carry at a time. And lastly: there are the items that increase your stats, they're all marked by a gray up arrow next to them. Whew, I think that's all of them. My apologies in advance if i missed any.