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Test Fruit Ninja

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Test Fruit Ninja - A group of space pirates calling themselves the Warp Hounds have stolen a Sneath cargo ship filled with Smelkonian energy crystals. Without those crystals, the Sneaths will be unable to power their starfleet, which is needed to reinforce the Fuzonians in their war against the Andraxxans. You must get the energy crystals back before it's too late! I have been challenged to write 52 Crypt Shyfter adventures in a year- 1 game per week. This is game 8 of 52. My eyes are bleary and my wrists hurt, but we've still got work to do! I'm going to finish this challenge no matter what! *Warp Hounds marks a nice little milestone for me personally. This is the 20th Crypt Shyfter adventure I've written! I have been completely blown away by the response to the series and I've had a hell of a lot of fun writing these silly games. Without Newgrounds, this series would never exist- so thank you!!! <3 You can track my progress Join me on my epic countdown to Infinity... and Beyond!