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Seifu & the Demon Fox Girl

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Seifu & the Demon Fox Girl - FIrst 3 players who unlock all medals: 1st :DJDarkDash 2nd: AlbertoJulian 3rd: RarityNyasha I change the way how I deliver the prize, I simply invite winners as private game tester, so now you can play it directly on NG, congratulations~! ***Story*** Mysterious Demon fox girl is abducting men in a distant small village, Demon hunter Seifu was hired to solve this crisis, Now, gear up your katana and ninja stars, save the people in Sakura Village! (The size of this game is not small, you might have to wait the loading for a while or F5 refresh the web page) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Extra Content*** Exclusive content(extra level, music etc.) visit my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PoliuxDimension If you want to get extra version immediately, visit my Itchy.io: https://poliuxdimension.itch.io/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***YouTube Trailer & Tutorial Videos*** Official Game Trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/z_ORhvDu-eE All bosses fight No Damge on No mercy: https://youtu.be/9RG9D0Qnv3c Pass Cave and Water Fall area without taking damage: https://youtu.be/HGCnKWkWdag -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my discord server if you wan ask me something instantly(If I'm online) https://discord.gg/DTWfueV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Basic Control *** Left & Right arrow keys: move/run Up arrow key: Enter doors or portals / investigate / talk Down arrow key: pick up item A: Dodge/Dash (transient invincibility) S: Throw projectile (You can change projectile in Q menu) D: Slash W: Take pill and heal (After you get red pills) Q: Menu (You can change input key/volume/full screen...) ***Special Trick*** Dash: Press dodge while running Counter Attack: Press dodge right before an enemy hits you Final Thrust: press dodge again after counter attack (If your final thrust energy bar is full) Slash and Throw can be execute continuously and interchangeably, but they consume stamina, so does dodge All attacks generate final thrust energy ***Save System*** You need to manually save at save board in this game. You can strategically not save and reload old file. Time and other data can be reset to old save's data. Remember to allow flash player setting access save.