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Ridiculous Text Adventures

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Ridiculous Text Adventures - You are either Dan Norton or Courtney Cook, two average people who themselves in bizarre circumstances. As Dan, you must fend off the advances of a smitten AI companion. As Courtney, meanwhile, you'll interview with a belligerent, possibly drunk executive. Fall in love. Time travel. Clean toilets. The possibilities are endless, except that there are only nine of them, because there are nine endings. _________________ CONTROLS: Press X to go on a job interview, and Z to be given a personalized AI. In dialogue, Z allows you to advance, and X lets you read faster. _________________ CREDITS: Writing: Hershall Cook Music: Alex Grover Art: Grace Howson _________________ BACKGROUND: Ridiculous Text Adventures combines two games I developed as Christmas gifts. Each game functions a conversation with extensive branching dialogue and several endings, and both were made in under twenty-four hours with the goal of making the recipient laugh. The first went to my then coworker, Dan Norton. Along with concrete things like quadcopters and video games, Dan listed 'nice people' as one of his interests for our office secret santa. So I built him an artificial nice person. The second was a gift to my sister. She's been looking for a full-time job for a bit, so I pitched her the game as 'interview advice.' If you'd like a personalized text adventure, PM me and we can talk pricing.