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Retro Knight 3.4

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Retro Knight 3.4 - Retro Knight 3.4 is beefier than ever with faster gameplay (I hope), a Cooking SImulator added to your house complete with 30 new foods, and so much more! Controls are editable on the main/pause menus. Please keep in mind that this is a mobile game meant for use on a touch screen. Download now for Mac, PC, Android, or iOS at http://www.retroknight.com ARROWS = MOVE SPACE = ATTACK F = EAT FOOD D = USE SPECIAL R = USE RETRO SHIFT = PAUSE MOUSE = USE MENUS Retro Knight is not your average mobile App. Retro Knight is far more in-depth than you would likely realize just from just a few minutes of playing, so I'll tell you! - It's a Genre Mash-up of Arcade/RPG Fun! - Go where you want in a GIANT, free-roaming world! - Set up your own house. Garden! Landscape! Cook! - Enjoy a living, real-time clock with day/night and weather! - Every day is a new day! New quests! New traveling stores! - Go sailing on The Wild Sea (Level 3 Required)! - Hundreds of items and weapons! Literally hundreds! - Try out side jobs like farming, fishing, mining, and more! - Visit dozens of unique towns! - Bask in nostalgia. Use weapons from classic games. Retro Knight is huge, and only getting bigger. Start exploring the giant world of Kingdomland today!