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Ragnarok: Iridescent

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Ragnarok: Iridescent - Ragnarok: Iridescent Transcendence is a full-fledged RPG set in the fantasy world of Ragnarok. Nostalgic MMORPG players will be quick to notice many of the settings from Ragnarok Online. Furthermore, the RPG is heavily inspired by Pen and Paper RPG such as D&D. There will be heavy number crunching as you build and develop your hero. This RPG is fully functional and realistic, I am very proud of it. -Fully customize your character! -6 different character jobs and dynamic builds -Up to 23 combat feats, 15 different command actions, and up to a hundred arcane spells and priestly prayers. -Explore the entire run-midgard as you familiarize with your chosen job. Please like and leave a comment! Happy holidays!