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Pirate Adventures

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Pirate Adventures - You're an old pirate using a rusty laser sword in search of a treasure. You'll have to fight against a big samurai who lives in the forest and fight with numerous enemies to reach your goal. Maybe after the sack you can buy your own private island and maybe a jacuzzi too !! _______________________________________ |_________________= CONTROLS =________________| Movement: Directional keys; left, right and up. Attacks: Attack with your laser sword using the keys Z and X. In this same way you can destroy some objects such as boxes, barrels, etc. Boat Canyon: Spacebar Vehicles (boats): Move from left to right using J and K respectively. When you want to get out use the Spacebar. Vehicle (seahorse): Move from left to right using J and L, and top to bottom using K and I. When you're in a vehicle attack with sword using the O key.