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People don't exist! (this is all fiction)

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People don't exist! (this is all fiction) - The Casper, the Ghostbusters and others are outrageous lie! It's fantastic about people. My young ghost, I tell you the all truth about them. And let's start with the fact that people, in actually, doesn't exist. Meet the new point-and-click game. You will have new adventures, charismatic characters, quests and other "blah-blah-blah". And the "blah blah blah" will are unexpected and funny. = Additionally 1) If you have any troubles, you may watch walkthrough on Youtube. 2) The game has 3 easter eggs. Find it all. 3) If you want me to add your username to the titres of the game, please, correct my translation into English. Press shift-key anywhere and you will be able correct any text in the game. Send me your corrections to email (it is in the game).