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Ourobos - (You can change the controls by pressing 1,2 or 3 at the title screen. This will change the keys to A-S/Shoot-Jump or the WASD and KL) (You can turn down the sound or mute by using the +/- keys) (If the game seems to freeze, it's because it's saving and loading) (You must set the storage to MAXIMUM!) I've done it. This is a "pocket Metroid" made in under 72 hours. From scratch. And seriously, this was the closest, hardest, most hectic game I've ever made! First off, I suggest you should download the standalone file for windows if you want to play the 60fps, extra fancy looking version. The flash one has to be toned down in order for it to run and it still might run slower than intended. (I don't have time to sadly streamline stuff >.<)