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Lethilia [DEMO]

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Lethilia [DEMO] - Main character is Lisa Her friend is Rylie The crystal is Lethilia The blue girl is Erika. A girl gets kidnapped by a crystal to a strange new world and has to find a way back home. Music by me (in order) Lethilia OST- Lethilia Lethilia OST- Search Lethilia OST- Warning Lethilia OST- Evergreen Forest Lethilia OST- Found and Fought Lethilia OST- Impressive --GLITCHES (will be fixed in the full game)-- walking in place audio glitches camera glitches Can't kill Byrak or be killed by Byrak ;*P --Note-- It is put on low quality for a reason. I wanted it to have that pixely look rather than the Macromedia Flash-y look.