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Koopa Kart Adventure

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Koopa Kart Adventure - An epic adventure of a koopa in a go-kart on an island full of birds. Use the arrow keys to adventure around the island to find 3 hidden gold feathers and a tear drop. This is an adventure game, the player must explore the island to find all the gold feathers and tear drop. This was originally going to be a bigger game that I was working on back in 2008-2009. Unfortunately I could not find time to finish and I felt the game play was not engaging so I stopped making it. It was inspired by games like Banjo-Kazooie and The Legend of Zelda and would have huge 2D worlds (like bregull island) for players to explore and find secrets and collectables. I basically wanted it to be a 2D zelda type game in the vain of Banjo-Kazzoie with multiple worlds and missions to go on. The games story also didn't make sense at all and so I was able to add a lot of humor to it. This was the best level out of the unfinished game. I decided to cut it out and make it its own small game. I am sorry for all the terrible bird puns. I am thinking about making more short adventure games like this, please let me know if you would like to see more. Music Credits: Bregull Island music by: frozenburger Lost Islands music by: Oneirism Dungeon music by: Chao-Guy Sub Mission music by: monk1 Final Race music by: DJSimple Sound Effects by: Nintendo