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Kill Herobrine Quest

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Kill Herobrine Quest - *Note* Scene transitions may lag depending on internet connection. Alas, it is here. The Quest to Kill Herobrine. The Realm of Glory is a Server of people that are haunted by Herobrine. You are the commander of the Old Republic, your task is to assault Herobrine's hideout and kill him. There are many descisions to make in this game so there are many different endings, some good, some bad and some epic. Either way the quest is up to you commander. Are you ready for the task? I created this game using TyranoBuilder along with Mine-imator. I'm still new at making web games as well. This takes place in the Realm of Glory, a server that I run. The areas you see are in the Realm of Glory and hopefully I can share more of this amazing large world with you in a Adventure form. If you are interested into joining the server you can with this ip address