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Harlot's Chronicles v0.0

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Harlot's Chronicles v0.0 - About the game Harlot's Chronicles is a free adult video game that is following a story of young Amanda who decided to leave home and fuck her way up to the ruling class. Being poor and lowborn, her wits and her body is the only weaponry she can use to climb the social ladder. Her success depends solely on you! About the build This is version 0.0, i.e. the very first ever published, and therefore rather proof of concept than anything else (it is not fully fledged game!). Then, why publish? As a matter of fact, I learned a lot from your reviews and comments during my last project and I am eager for your feedback on this one as well. Even though it took me three weeks of coding to get it here, the things that you can do are super limited; but I am confident that your suggestions and pieces of advice will help my tremendously. So, thank you for your time and effort!