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GRAND ADVENTURE! - This is Grand Adventure! Part of my Adventure! series. In that I worked on a series of odd projects with Adventure! in the title. It is unfinished. It's like 95% done but the last little bits never quite came together. Programmer after programmer dropped out before it could all be quite placed how I wanted. It's... interesting. Kind of an atari graphics attempt at a weird horror esq adventure game. Things the game does not have or that sucks: The load screen minigame. There was going to be a cool load screen minigame. It was finished, but taken out of this build to work out some bugs. Never got put back in. The 'true' ending. There was to be one last ending that currently is not accessible as it required completing the load screen mini game. The final boss was going to be remade less lame. The second boss in the jungle was going to be made less bullshit. Seriously, if you get to that boss you'll see what bullshit it is. It's such bullshit. It's beatable, but way harder than it needs to be. Lots of other small things. Still, it's been just sitting around my dashboard for almost four years, so I thought I'd finally just publish it in its unfinished form. Why not, right? All the music done by the amazing Andrew Haung. All the programming was done by... well a few different people. Something like ten different programmers worked on it on and off back in action script 2. Sheesh! They all dropped out for various reasons. Maybe I'm just no fun to work with?