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GRAND ADVENTURE! (STORY COMPLETE) - This is Grand Adventure! Part of my Adventure! series. In that I worked on a series of odd projects with Adventure! in the title. You may have played it before. A 95% finished version was released a few years ago. Well, the programmer recently contacted me, and he finished the game. So, the 'true' ending that many have wondered about is now indeed achievable. I'm actually pretty emotional seeing this game finally get finished. It's been almost a decade. Are there things I'd do differently if I was starting again? Sure. But... it's... done. I don't know what else to say. This game is uh... It's... interesting. Kind of an atari graphics attempt at a weird horror esq adventure game. Things you should know about in this game: The load screen minigame. There is a cool load screen mini game. Designed back when a game of this size would have taken time to download. The big play button starts the minigame, the small play button starts the main game. The jungle boss is still lame. It's way harder than it should be. Stupid thing... All the music done by the amazing Andrew Haung. Find more of his stuff at andrewismusic.com All the programming was done by... well a few different people. Something like ten different programmers worked on it on and off back in action script 2. Sheesh! They all dropped out for various reasons. Maybe I'm just no fun to work with? Grent is the one that finished it up finally! The hand drawn art was done by the irreplaceable Jhomar Soriano. His art can be seen, among other places. That's about that. Enjoy this weird adventure game thingy. This is one of the first games I ever made and I'm glad to see it in some kind of finished form.