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Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected

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Ghost Motel 1: Resurrected - This is a remake of a classic game here on Newgrounds. Original creators: Violet-AIM & XwaynecoltX All new Art/Animation/Programming/Writing: Graeme "Noodle" All voices: JayWEccent Ghost Motel Remix: Slaleky The original Ghost Motel came out on November 13th, 2002. When I saw that the 13th anniversary would be a Friday the 13th, I got to work immediately! My intention was to release this game on the exact anniversary, but I only had two weeks to make it. I worked on it for 20 hours straight and pulled an all nighter on the 12th. The game broke, and the deadline was missed. I pulled it apart, and re-code the game. One benefit is that I was able to add a lot of features that would have been previously cut. I think it feels like a much more full game now! I want to give a huge thanks you XwaynecoltX for giving me permission to make this game, and for the encouraging words while it was being developed. Slaleky and JayWEccent are heroes for how quickly they were able to produce and hand in their contributions! They really made this thing feel official, and complete. I hope the fans of the original can get behind this remake, and enjoy the series with a fresh set of eyes! Cheers.