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Get Home Drunk

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Get Home Drunk - This is a work in progress. Controls : Arrow keys : left, right, up (no down movement). Guide : Use the toilets to regain speed. Lifeline: Click on the Taxi logo or Press T to call a Taxi to skip the level you won’t get any points for the level and this can only be used once in the full game. Eat at the fast food restaurants (Cockerels-fried-chick-men, Burger it up!, Jobbie Kebabs) for £10 each time, you will fuel up on food and be able to use the toilet here too to regain speed. Be careful each time one of the restaurants will be serving dodgy food. If you’re served dodgy food and get sick use one of the toilets or eat at another restaurant to recover. If you have less than £10 you can’t buy food anymore. Use the train for £50 but you will heavily be deducted points. If you have less than £50 you can’t use the train. Get the bus for £20. Wait around the bus stop for 5 seconds and the bus will arrive. You will be deducted points for using the bus. if you have less than £20 you can”t use the bus. Avoid the pickpockets who are roaming, you will lose some money. Avoid the football crowds or you’ll be dragged down the street along with them in their momentum. Avoid the jealous drunken thug or he’ll kill you. Avoid stepping in the pools of sick or they’ll temporarily slow you down. Next year I will work on adding more levels like Glasgow, Dublin, Sydney, Paris, Mexico, Los Angeles, New York, Moscow, Tokyo etc. Also adding more characters to choose from as the main player. I might add random lights turning on and off in the windows of the houses too. Hopefully I’ll get better at graphics too and improve that aspect of the game. I’ll write more music for it too and have added some more verses to the main theme tune and will upload when I address all the bugs at the same time.