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Exodus Mercenaries 2

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Exodus Mercenaries 2 - This time I've focused on story and optimization, explaining all the events with short cutscenes and using a new combat system that allows characters to attack without the need of collisions. Though Level 50 is the maximum level, you can further upgrade your character with the rebirth system and upgrade the awakening skill endlessly. CONTROLS: Mouse to move and target enemies, your character will automatically attack if it is within range. 1 to 4: Skills / 5 or Q: Potion / 6 or W: Awakening ESC to abort a mission, you can hold Shift to prevent your character from moving. CREDITS: Most of the resources come from RTPs from different RPG Makers, some from very old free games , some were created by me. Special thanks to Stencyl for developing, Lunapic for editing, Cooltext for creating the interface and whoever helped me do the butterfly curve. Kudos to this artist too http://opengameart.org/content/dungeon-crawl-32x32-tiles-supplemental *Allow cookies to keep your progress saved, the game is automatically saved when you return to the Map. Update 1: Added a button to claim the boss medals if you lost connection Update 2: Fixed a typo showing an incorrect value when upgrading the Awakening skill Update 3: Improved the visibility in the last boss fight On exceedingly rare occasions the music gets randomly muted for no reason when changing the map. If you want to, refreshing the page brings it back.