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Every Man's Refund

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Every Man's Refund - Procedurally generated planets! Procedurally generated animals! Procedurally generated space ships! An entire procedurally generated UNIVERSE! Trade, craft, fight, survive, and explore an INFINITE universe! You can do ANYTHING, even encounter other players (Though the chances are very small, due to the sheer size of the game)! What's not to like? Press ESCAPE in game to view the controls WASD to move Mouse to aim and shoot Hold E to do stuff Press SPACE to open inventory Press + or - to control the volume EDIT: Made it take longer to reach the center of the universe and fixed a couple things I've spent years filling this game with surprises. You've spent years waiting. Don't spoil it for yourself by reading the rest of this description. You can scroll up and experience it for yourself. Note: Dying is not the end, it just sits on the black screen for a while ---------- EDIT: Here's a list of all the secret medals and how to get blueprints (major spoiler alert) skudger.com/post/149739828144/how-to-get-blueprints-and-all-the-secret-medals So anyway, here you go. I remade almost the entire game of No Man's Sky in 2D. I will admit I could have delayed it and polished it more (AKA gutted all the content out) but I wanted to finish it before people forget about No Man's Sky. I think I pretty accurately captured the overall experience. I just saved you $60 :^) Honestly there's a lot to like about No Man's Sky, but there's so much more to not like. I think it has good potential if they actually update it, which they better because this game is not worth $60 at all. Let me know your opinion, I'm excited to respond to your comments (Unlike Sean Murray)