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Escape THE GAME - -GAME'S DESCRIPTION----- ----------------------------------------- A snobby video game reviewer named Ron gets trapped in a buggy and poorly drawn point'n click game - a genre he hates from the bottom of his heart. Pretty soon Ron learns that if he wants to leave he's left with only two choices: to beat the game, or to cheat it! - each puzzle has more than one solution; - three different endings; - 20 areas to explore - more than 20 characters to talk to, and lots of funny dialogues - 17 medals to earn! - Original soundtrack written and performed by the talented composer Antonio Mariano - Available in English and Italian; ----------------------------------- ----AUTHOR'S NOTES----- ----------------------------------- I've always used "sprites" for my games, mainly because I really sucked at drawing. But after all these years... well, I still suck. Nevertheless, I decided that my drawings are now decent enough for me to make a game with my own characters and story. And so this game was born. A horrible game that will kidnap you. Literally. If by some weird chance you should happen to like the experience, showing your support with a like on our newborn, pathetically empty facebook page would be much appreciated. That's also a very good way to always be informed on what's coming next, and when (like the conclusion to our interactive comics series "Zombie Society", for example, and much more). Thank you for playing, and I hope you'll have fun!