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Enter into Darkness 3

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Enter into Darkness 3 - This is it!...its been a long time coming and its finally here. This will be the last chapter of Enter into darkness. This will not be the last one made just the last one available for free. The series will continue onward and advance from text based to actual gameplay. (Pretty sure you saw the coming after the events of Chapter 2. In this finally installment you will not journey alone, this time around you and another member in your party will venture into the darkness full deranged creatures and then some. What's new in this final installment? - Hardcore story that has multiple situations. - Brand New Roles. - New Skill System - Multiple Boss battles. - Multiple endings for each role. And much, much more. Alright enough talk, let's enter the darkness one more time! May the gods be with you. P.S. Spread the word, check the site and show the support. Thanks and enjoy.