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Dungeon Screener

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Dungeon Screener - Descend into the Underground to find and engage the Dungeon Lord in the most brutal boss fight! Lead a Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded randomly-generated network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons. But beware! There are no potions in this RPG, however there is plenty of beer to drink at the tavern! Cheers! CONTROLS: Click / Tap to walk, take or attack in the desired location. Click / Tap on any unit in your party to activate or cast special abilities. Game Shortcuts: [K,1,7] Defend (Shield on/off), [Y,2,8] Aim (Bow on/off), [N,3,9] Magic (Spell on/off), [H,4,0] Heal (instant), [SPACE, ENTER] take item / enter tavern UI Shortcuts: [5] Sound, [6] Music, [~] Quit game, [Y] Yes, [N] No, [F] Fullscreen, [Esc] cancel Arrow keys & numpad are allowed but not useful in battle. UNIT TYPES: 1. Melee (Knight) - able to use shields and block attacks 2. Archer (Ranger) - can shoot at protected enemies from distance 3. Spell Caster (Wizard) - damage multiple enemies with powerful magic 4. Healer (Cleric) - can cast heal, protection and resurrection STRATEGY: When you target archers and spell casters in the enemy party, you must first break through that party's guard (usually a melee unit that protects the others). Use your archer shooting ability and your wizard's magic to bypass the enemy guard. In the same logic your Knight is the damage buffer of your party, because he can block up to three melee attacks. WARNING: This is NOT an Idle game! If you like Idle games then this game could seem to you quite hard. Don’t switch difficulty to Insane if you haven’t learned the game mechanics, as you won’t be able to revive your fallen units.