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DOES - Overview ============= This is a game where you play as “U”, a demented little creature that resembles a molar. U must find all 5 of the things to escape the dungeon. Along the way U will encounter enemies with faces to eat and random objects with which U might kill itself. How to Play ============= Click the tiles to reveal them and make stuff happen. Find all 5 of the things to win the game. Fun Things ============= When U comes across a random object you will be given 4 options on what to do with it. U cannot leave the object alone. Each choice has 2 outcomes: a best result and a worst result and generates a random number each time (called an evil dice roll). U has a luck stat which is signified by the 4 leaf clover. If the luck stat is higher than the evil dice roll the U gets the best result, lower and U gets the worst result. Tip: There’s always at least one option which will never do harm. Combat ============= Really straightforward, just click the enemy to attack. How much damage is done per click is determined by the attack stat which is signified by the bloody knife. Be careful though because if you miss the enemy will usually get a counter attack which is usually more powerful than its normal attack which charges up over time. Tip: Naybur won’t attack unless you miss. Don’t miss Naybur.