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Dead Detention 2; Episode 1

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Dead Detention 2; Episode 1 - This is the first episode of the 2nd "season" of Dead Detention! The Story follows Max, Naomi and some new friends, as they are dragged into a new adventure of mystery, conspiracy and zombies....kind of? The story is set immediately after the finale of Chronicle Bulletin (which again...isn't out yet :b), and the DD Halloween Special. How to Play; -Click anywhere to progress through the story -Click the hamburger menu button to access your inventory and unlocks -Click objects of interest to unlock plot tokens- which can be viewed from the inventory menu. They'll reveal little tidbits about the plot and foreshadow future developments -Click objects in your inventory and then click "EQUIP" to equip them, when needed Thanks for playing / reading! If you need a hint to unlock the Golden Astronaut medal, you can find one here ->