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cubics online

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cubics online - Click Space For Block Click G To Place Block Just kidding I Made the shop but XF0 made the FREE ADMIN I will remove the free admin gamejolt.com/games/Cubics2/294495 Play The Game Catch Fish In The Pond Click The Pond To Do Fishing Click The Hat Market To Get A Hat Version 4 Added Disco Version 4 next update CHAT Has Been Added Click G To Show Chat Click H To Hide Chat Say Anything And It Comes Up (: Version 5 User Name Screen added Version 6 Secret Names Version 7 Added Cubals Which Is Money And Picture At The Bottom And Customize Your Cubic click the Big Cubic And Then It Says Ok With A Cubic Click The Cubic To Change Its Colour Then Click Ok At The Perfect Colour Version 8 Aqua World Coming Soon Version 9 Bridge Is Available Version 10 Not Available But Throw babies off the bridge Version 11 Oh yeah christmas soon Hope you have fun Thanks To Testers from Cubics Team Version 12 November Party!!! YAH! Version 13 Cubics Trade Center Soon Version 14 maybe a aquarium Version 15 The city soon Version 16 More secrets ;) Version 17 I cancelled it Version 19 It came back If you want early access in Cubics 1.0 exiting beta tell me Version 20 wiping out most old data and starting a new era in cubics Its entering 1.0 soon Version 21 CUBICS Exits BETA Version 22 Added New Look Version 23 Added New Area For Room For The Game Show Room Version 24 Bank Works Properly Now 1.0 PARTY HAPPENING SOON Version 25 finally released ban system and cubals server also players who played server and please note cubals do not save Version 26 Game Show Room Has appeared in game now Version 27 Shop randomly appears Version 28 Cubics doesn't really show the Under maintenance so its back now ready for a brand new update Version 29 Plane Update Version 30 Cubics 1.0 Changing to ??? Version 31 Cubics 1.0 is now Cubics 1.1 Version 32 The hut has been added Version 33 L2 Drink added and background for the hut(on scratch version and this one I think) Version 34 cubics is now on newgrounds Version 35 If you find your pets annoying on cubics just delete them go to the pet shop click the cross and your pet will be deleted(comming later) (just to let you know this was a version made for flash we didn't have time to find out whats copyrighted and whats not please tell us if any music is copyrighted and we will replace it right away this is a flash port of cubics)