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Creepy Tomb Escape

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Creepy Tomb Escape - This is the history of young bhaktrim,a boldly and savage orc. he needs to prove to your brothers in arms valor and honor, searching fame and fortune! Your journey begins landing in Lyzarbhy, the human empire for looting and rampage! But beware! There are many dangers in your path! This game is a prequel of Fields of Gore! Be an orc hero in the World of Lyzarbhy! Slash your enemies, slaughter caravans and be famous and rich! It´s an alpha version, It´s a html5 dev version. Soon PC and Mac Builds will be available. Stay Tunned weekly improvements with a lot of improvements! I´d like to receive feedbacks and ideas! Drop me a message or send an email to devretrofog@gmail.com. SPECIAL NOTE: The game still in development Alpha Version 0.4 - 03/03/2017 - Hellmines and Rathole partially implemented - Special Encounters - Working in Game Balancing Controls Space - Start Game Directional Arrows - Move Left Mouse click - Select Options Esc - Returns