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Cool Man Flash Version 1.4 Final Version

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Cool Man Flash Version 1.4 Final Version - Hey guys, new and final version of cool man is here! -new things -1 new level -redesign the first 3 levels, no more glitches. I decided to cancell Cool Man because, its a simple flash test (not even a serious game) I realized that I wasted a lot of time doing something so bad, so yeah. Cool Man is cancelled :) lets review all the cool man versions Cool Man 1.1: nothing Cool Man 1.2: The worst version of Cool Man, Bad levels, a lot of collision problems. Cool Man 1.3: The best version of Cool Man in my opinion, redesign all of the levels + fixing a lot of the glitches + a new cutscene. Cool Man 1.4: The final version, nothing special, 1 new level, 1 soundtrack and that's it. origin: I've been making games in gamemaker, but i got tired so i decided to use flash. Thank You for all of your support guys. I'll try making better flash games! - John Daniel (Nintrendy).