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Baby Love Balloons

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Baby Love Balloons - POP, POP, POP! That is the sound of balloons bursting. And, that sound is what makes this baby laugh. This cute baby loves to burst balloons. Join him in this real easy game to help catch these colorful balloons and crush these balloons with his tiny hands in this baby balloon game. Simply, hold and drag the balloons towards the baby and watch the happiness on the baby’s face to pop this bright mass of air open. Remember to be quick with your moves, for you don’t want to keep the baby waiting in the balloon game. Don’t make the baby cranky. Just keep on laughing and popping in the balloons baby game. So, what are you waiting for? Download this game, and get hooked to this really addictive baby balloon game. Game interface is completely kids-friendly. From the tiny toddlers, children and to big adults, everyone is going to love, enjoy and have super-fun in this super exciting baby balloons game. Controls Use Mouse to pop the balloons.